The Issues


Fire Policy

California forests have been plagued with mismanagement for decades, leading to tree choked fire hazards. We need expert investigation into new management practices, expansion of logging into rural and fire prone areas as well as federal forests, and more affordable and accessible fire insurance.  

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Energy Policy

Crumbling energy infrastructure has proven deadly in California. It is the responsibility of Congress to put pressure on the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee to hold PG&E and other energy transmission companies responsible for the safety and reliability of its energy infrastructure. Black outs for the next 10 years are not a solution. 

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U.S. Economic Policy

It is a high priority of mine to reduce our national debt while improving and maintaining our aging infrastructure. We need to closely consider unnecessary spending and wasteful practices to represent these interests while lowering citizen taxes. I also want to promote small and local businesses to increase local economic independence.  

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Border & Illegal Immigration

I support a secure Southern border so that all those whom enter our country come through a legal port of entry and through the proper channels. This is necessary for the safety and representation of both natural born citizens and immigrant. 

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Education Policy

As our population continues to grow, it is crucial that we stay on top of our educational facilities to keep them modernized and well funded. New facilities may need to be built as communities sprout over the countryside.  

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Water Policy

Water policy is made up of two important arenas: storage and consumption. We need to incentivize efficient water use technology and increase our water stores. As the state works to regulate groundwater use, it is critical that the interests of domestic well owners are protected. 

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Sanctuary Cities

The right to manage immigration into the United States is that of the federal government. Our priority should be finding legal avenues for people to immigrate. We are not helping them by shielding them from deportation. Representatives need to work together to make sure all people here are documented and protected under the law.  

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Access to Public Land

It is important to me that the public continues to enjoy the areas that their families have for generations. BLM land access should not be restricted. I support policies that open up areas for outdoor recreation while ensuring protection of these spaces. Proper infrastructure will be needed to provide safety and accessibility.  

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Second Amendment

The second amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the people the right to keep and bear arms. The people have a right to protect themselves and their families not only in their homes but from a tyrannical government. I support the right to concealed carry and a federal program for state to state reciprocity.  

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Taking care of our veterans is a non partisan issue. If elected, I will hold steadfast to the protection of those who served our country. I aim to ensure health care, employment, and living for all vets.